Interesting facts about granite that you did not know about


Granite is rightfully called the strongest and most durable stone.

  • Granite derived from the Latin word “granum” and is translated as "grain."
  • Granite rocks are recognized as the highest in the world. The extraordinary mountain Kanchenjunga is a competitive to Everest, it is totally covered with granite, and its height reaches nine kilometers.
  • Granite, which exists on the surface of our land, as a general matter, was lifted from the depths ranging from one to twenty kilometers.
  • As a percentage, granite consists of almost half of the oxygen we use from the atmosphere. It is resistant to different weather conditions, so even heat, cold, water is not a deterrent. Granite retains its toughness and initial characteristics for many centuries.
  • It should not go unnoticed the fact that granite carries sounds ten times faster than air.
    Granite contains a fraction of radiation. Nowadays all the extracted black granite must confirm its radiation security with a Certificate, which is issued after laboratory testing.
    The density of granite reaches up to 2600 -2700 kg/m3, which is two and a half times heavier than the same volume of water, and its composition is almost 50% oxygen.
  • Compact-grained granite is considered the strongest and most stable.
  • The third highest in the world (after Everest and K2) Mount Kanchenjunga (8586 meters) consists entirely of light granite. Mountain climbers love this very solid stone, though it sometimes hurts them, they feel small compared to its power. Everest consists of limestone, and K2 - from gneiss and it is much easier to climb on them.

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